Parent Partnership 


The White House Nursery acknowledges the importance of good relationships with parents and carers, as you know your child better than anyone. We understand that parental and/or carer involvement can only enhance your childs experience at nursery. We welcome any information and involvement to enable us to plan for your childs emotional, social, physical and educational development.

The White House Nursery operate on a selection of robust policies and procedures, put in place to preserve the safety and well being of everyone. A breakdown of these policies and procedures is availible to you upon request, please see a member of management to enquire. 

Notice Boards

Each nursery has a notice board that displays information about meals, topics, events and other useful information.


Parent Feedback

From time to time you will be asked to give feedback relating to various aspects of the nursery in the form of a questionnaire. Suggestions, wherever possible, may be implemented to improve our service to you. You will receive regular feedback about your child's day both verbally and in writing. We also have planned parent evenings twice a year, where you are invited to come in and discuss your child's development and achievements with us.


Parent Newsletter

Each nursery also sends out parent newsletters on a regular basis, detailing any news or updates, event dates for your diary and any staffing changes. These are sent out via email.

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