Connect Childcare


We have invested heavily in a completely new data management system for our nurseries. 'Connect Childcare' has replaced our old system and is used by nursery managers as well as administrators based at our Head Office. This system is used to manage many aspects of the nursery, either at individual site level or as a whole. Registers, observations, parent contact information and invoices can all be managed through Connect Childcare in a paper light, efficient way - helping to ensure that all information is up to date and accessible where needed, as well as reducing our paper consumption across all nurseries.

As part of this, each unit has been equipped with handheld tablets, which they use to complete day to day checks and to compose observations for each child.

Parent Zone - Have you registered?


The best part about our new system is the accompanying app designed just for parents! Whether you're at work, at home, on the train or on holiday - you will have access to a timeline of daily events, observations and assessments including photos and videos of your child's time at nursery. Or you can send a 'Day in the Life' report straight to your email address.

Add observations of your own...

You can also add observations of your own from home with photos and videos. So special moments from the weekend can be shared with nursery and celebrated together.

Can't remember if you booked that extra session or not?

With Parent Zone you can check existing bookings quickly and easily. You will have access to an archive of your previous invoices so you can keep an eye on things, as well as being able to actually pay bills securely, at the touch of a button via the app.

Changed your phone number? Or moved house?

Another useful feature is the ability to check and edit your own contact details and keep them up to date.

All settings are now using Connect Childcare on a day to day basis. So if you haven't already, please ensure you register for Parent Zone in order to access all the useful features above. All you need to do is verify your email address at the office and you will be sent an activation link - it's that simple!

Introducing Parent Zone