Individual Child Photo Shoots - Don't Delay, Book Today!
Step 1 - Pay Here
Please complete payment to start the booking process
Step 2 - Fill out the form below
State our child's name and which nursery they attend
Step 3 - We will email you to confirm your booking!
Once you have made payment and filled out the form above, we will contact nursery to see what sessions your child attends. We will then email you a date of when the photoshoot will be. (Don't worry we will give you a couple of days notice so you can pack extra clothes etc if you wish)

what we do

  • We use natural lighting and surroundings to capture real personality, emotions and expressions of your child at nursery.

  • We will take a range of photographs of your child at nursery, choose the best ones and professionally enhance the photos. You will then receive them as high definition digital files which you can then share and print to your hearts content, perfect for Christmas presents!

  • Mike and Lana work with the children on a regular basis, meaning they are already familiar with our photographers.

what we don't do

  • Use artificial backdrops, lighting or poses.

  • Rush children through one after the other in a factory style process.

  • Single children out or separate them, as this causes upset and confusion.

Terms and Conditions
  • Your child must have a completed 'Capture The Moment' consent form in order to participate in a photo shoot, please enquire at nursery reception if you have not yet done this.

  • Payment must be made online before the photo shoot can take place

  • Once the photo shoot has been booked and confirmed, we will aim to email your photos back to you within 7 days depending on availability.

  • Photoshoots are for individual children who already attend nursery. Unfortunately we cannot photograph select groups of friends or siblings.

  • Photoshoots will take place during one of your child's regular nursery sessions, parents are not required to attend.