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Stay connected with MeriPuri for all the latest news & reviews. Support MeriPuri by becoming a Patron. Enter your email Address to subscribe to our site and receive notifications of new posts by email. Simulated random dot stereogram and adapted version for detecting mouse position [video] - mdaniel ====== mdaniel This is one of my projects. I'm still working on getting it robust and compelling enough to share, but I have posted an update video a few months ago: [ I might add this brief description to my initial video: [ Q: How to apply a matrix in opencv using opencv_core I have a piece of code to do sth in opencv. There are some lines like these: [...] Mat colorImg = imread("C:\Users\WangC\Desktop\orange.jpg"); cvtColor(colorImg, colorImg, CV_BGR2RGB); //This is the line I want to change, but it doesn't work Mat bgr=colorImg.clone(); bgr.convertTo(bgr,CV_8U); The error comes when I run this: OpenCV Error: Unsupported operand type(s) for +: Mat and Mat; How can I fix this? A: You are trying to add 2 different types of matrices: Mat and Mat, so it cannot be performed. There are different methods to combine them, I'd recommend you to read the official documentation about that. Like this one: Mat bgr = colorImg.clone(); Mat res; cvtColor(bgr, res, CV_BGR2RGB); You can also convert it to a single matrix like this: Mat result = colorImg.clone(); cvtColor(colorImg, result, CV_B



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Bhoot Damar Tantra Pdf 82
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