Frequently Asked Questions 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQs, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your question.


What do we need to bring with us for our child?

  • Parents and carers can bring in their child’s sterilised bottles and formula milk, which will be then made up fresh as required.

  • You will also need to provide nappies, wipes and a change of clothes for your child.

  • From toddler age (16 months) to 5 years we ask you to bring a pair of wellies as well as some indoor shoes as the children spend a lot of time outside.

  • We ask that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child's name, as many children have the same clothes and it can be easy for them to get mixed up.


Staff will discuss this further with you on your visit.

Do you offer flexible childcare?

This would depend on your requirements. Please contact us to discuss this.

What facilities do you have for the children to sleep?

We have separate bedrooms for the babies at each of the nurseries and also a comfy area if they wish to sleep on cushions. The older children have mattresses on the floor with blankets, and staff sit with the children to help them go to sleep.

What security measures are in place at the nursery?

All sites have state of the art fingerprint recognition door entry pads, and a number of CCTV cameras around entry and exit points.

Do we have to pay if we are away on holiday?

Yes, we do charge if you are away on holiday or if your child is off sick.

What payment methods do you take?

Fees can be paid by standing order, Internet banking or credit/debit cards. We accept all employer vouchers where money is deducted from salaries. Fees can also be paid via ParentZone using our secure pay feature. Please contact your relevant nursery to find out more about childcare fees.

Frequently asked questions

Come posso comprare un'opera di Giglia Acquaviva? How can I buy a work of Giglia Acquaviva?

You can buy a work of Giglia Acquaviva 1) Raggiungendo uno dei suoi eventi (clicca qui per vedere eventi) 1) Reaching one of her events(click qui her to view events) 2) Raggiungendo il suo studio (clicca qui per prenotare un appuntamento) 2) Reaching her personal studio (click qui to request an appointment) 3) Chiedendo una visita/soppralluogo. 3) Requesting a personalized home visit 4) Contattandoci, specificando l'opera scelta e richiedendo la spedizione 4) Contacting us, specifying the chosen work, and requesting delivery.

Le opere di Giglia sono fatte interamente a mano?                                                   Are Giglia's paintings entirely handmade?

Si, linea per linea, colore per colore. Yes, line by line, color by color

È possibile commissionare un'opera personalizzata?                                             Is it possible to commission a picture on request?

Si, è possibile commissionare un'opera personalizzata, senza costi adizionali, con la possibilità d'accordare misure, colori, soggetto, in base alle caratteristiche del arredamento. Yes, it's possible to commission a painting upon request, without additional costs, with the possibility of agreeing on the size, color, design and subject, based on the characteristics of the environment.

Sarebbe possibile provare senza impegno d'acquisto qualche opera sulla parete di casa mia?                                                                                                         It's possible to try for free and without obligation a work of my choice on the wall of my house?

Certo, chiedendo il vostro appuntamento, potete approffitare una prova gratuita e senza impegno d'acquisto. Le nostre zone più visitate sono Lazio,Toscana e Abruzzo, Italia. By agreeing by appointment, yes. You can get a free trial. Our most visited areas are Lazio, Toscana e Abruzzo, Italy.

Le opere possiedono certificato d'autenticità?                                                     Do the pictures have a certificate of authenticity?

Si, tutte le opere possiedono certificato d'autenticità. Yes, all the work have certificate of authenticity.

Le opere possono essere spedite?                                                                     Can pictures be sent?

Si, tutte le opere possono essere spedite in tutta Europa e resto del mondo. Ci prendiamo cura dell'imballaggio e di stipulare una spedizione assicurata. Yes, all paintings can be shipped all over Europe and the rest of the world We take care of the packaging and of taking out an insured shipment.