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Fiona Nursery Manager

Nursery Manager

The White House Nursery Shirland
Main Road, Shirland, Alfreton, DE55 6BA
7.3Oam - 6.OOpm
Amanda Deputy Manager

Deputy Manager

The White House Nursery Shirland is the most recent development to The White House Nursery group, after it was taken over from its previous owners in April 2021.

The nursery currently operates from a cosy two story building with a secure and spacious garden for the children to explore. It provides quality childcare to families in the local and surrounding areas, and caters for up to 50 children from age 0-5 years.

Babies Outdoor Space


The baby unit makes use of the entire first floor of the building, allowing our 0-2 age group plenty of space to move around safely. It consists of the main play room with a carpeted area for reading, crawling and activities as well as a hard floor area for messy play and mealtimes. There is a roof garden connected directly to the play room so children can enjoy outdoor play away from the bigger children, and we have a separate sleep room with cots and sleep mats so children have somewhere quiet to rest throughout the day.


The baby unit comes fully equipped with its own nappy changing station and kitchenette for preparing bottles and snacks, as well as air conditioning throughout. The resources on offer here are designed to encourage babies to explore the environment around them and develop natural curiosity and creativity through awe and wonder.

Toddler Unit
Toddler Unit


The toddler unit is located on the ground floor of the nursery and offers everything children need for the 2-3 age group. As they progress from the comfort of the baby room, toddlers will enjoy new experiences and start to develop more independence as they move to this room. The unit consists of a main play room with a carpeted area for activities, and a hard floor area for messy play and meal times, as well as direct access to the front garden where children can enjoy outdoor play throughout the year.


In order to support children with toilet training and self-care skills, the toddler unit is equipped with nappy changing facilities as well as its own child sized toilets and wash basins for children at different stages of toilet training. Here the children are given the opportunity to socialise with their friends at meal times and the freedom to select which activities they would like to engage in.

Resources are carefully chosen to help encourage a range of valuable life skills including hand-eye coordination, numeracy and literacy, gross and fine motor skills, personal, social and emotional skills and also starting to introduce some risk taking and critical thinking through child lead and adult lead activities.

Preschool Unit
Preschool Unit


The pre-school unit is also located on the ground floor, looking out onto the back garden with direct access for children through the patio doors. This is a fantastic space which enables our oldest children to access a number of activities either as individuals, as a group, being child lead or adult lead.


The carpeted area and den structure is a perfect space to relax, share a story or a song, or even explore some small world play. There's a large hard floor area with tables where children can enjoy messy play, sand and water, table top activities and of course meal times. The kitchenette and children's bathroom completes the unit.


When children progress through to the preschool room, their focus shifts to school readiness, preparing for life after nursery and everything that entails. Children aged 3-5 will really come into their own here as they establish their personalities, form strong relationships with staff and piers whilst still encouraging children to learn through play and follow their own interests. Mealtimes offer the chance to socialise with friends, try new flavours and textures of food and also practice self serving and table manners. 

Children can access outdoor play during all seasons which offers valuable learning opportunities for children as they learn about different weather, plants and animals, our ecosystems and of course gives them the fresh air and exposure to the natural elements they need to help build strong immune systems.

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