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The White House Nursery Hilton
15 Derby Road, Hilton, Derby, DE65 5FP
7.3Oam - 6.OOpm

Kirsty Doyle

Nursery Manager

Luke Wright_edited_edited.jpg

Luke Wright

Deputy Manager


With nearly ten years of experience at The White House Nursery, Kirsty, the Nursery Manager, has a background that includes Room Senior, Deputy Manager and Acting Nursery Manager positions at our Oakwood Alvaston nurseries. Kirsty has spent the past 6 years as Deputy Manager at our Alvaston nursery.


Luke Wright, the Deputy Manager, has been a part of The White House Nursery for over a decade. He's worked his way from a Qualified Practitioner to Senior Practitioner, and now to Deputy Manager at Hilton, having previously acted as Deputy at our Borrowash site.


We take great pride in watching our valued staff take the next step in their career path and can’t wait to see Kirsty and Luke take on this new challenge together. We have full confidence in their capabilities to establish a secure, engaging, and enjoyable environment for children to learn, develop, and flourish - as well as being able to lead and support their wider staff team.

Our team of renovators have worked tirelessly for the past couple of months to create a fantastic space for your children to enjoy. The nursery is now complete, and we are extremely proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time.


So book in for a show round today and come and take a look for yourselves... you won't be disappointed! 



The baby unit makes use of the entire first floor of the building, allowing our 0-2 age group plenty of space to move around safely. It consists of the main play room with a carpeted area for reading, crawling and activities as well as a hard floor area for messy play and mealtimes. There is area of astro turf towards the back of the property with climbing equipment, to provide children with the opportunity to climb and explore safely whilst indoors. There is also a separate sleep room with cots and sleep mats so children have somewhere quiet to rest throughout the day.


The baby unit comes fully equipped with its own nappy changing station and kitchenette for preparing bottles and snacks, as well as air conditioning throughout. The resources on offer here are designed to encourage babies to explore the environment around them and develop natural curiosity and creativity through awe and wonder.



The toddler room comprises a spacious carpeted play area ideal for engaging in activities like role play, small-world exploration, soft play, and other floor-based games. The adjacent hard floor area, equipped with tables and chairs, serves as a designated space for shared mealtimes, craft activities, and more. Additionally, the unit is equipped with its own dedicated space for nappy changing and a children's bathroom, facilitating the development of self-care skills and independence. The toddlers have direct access to their own garden via patio doors.


The preschool room is thoughtfully crafted to cater to the dynamic nature of young explorers. It offers bags of space for both group activities and independant play within the creative area, carpeted playroom, and reading space. Here, children are free to pursue their interests and choose their preferred play areas throughout the day. The preschool room features a dedicated children's bathroom and easily accessible coat pegs, fostering essential skills for school life. Additionally, children have direct access to a spacious outdoor garden through patio doors.


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15 Derby Road, Hilton, Derby, DE65 5FP
7.3Oam - 6.OOpm
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