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Ofsted Outcome and Feedback 2016

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce that following our recent Ofsted inspection in August, we are now rated as GOOD. The team have worked really hard to make changes to practice for the development of the nursery, and we are very keen to maintain and improve on this in the future.

You can read the report online at the Ofsted website, or you can find a copy in our nursery reception.

The report shows that, to further improve the quality of the early year’s provision the provider should:

Improve the sharing of children’s learning priorities between key persons and the staff team so that all children are helped to make the highest level of achievement in their learning.

What this means for us is that the current system we had in place meant that children’s next steps for learning were stored on our key person clipboards.

The inspector felt that we could better support children’s learning by finding a better way of all staff knowing all the children’s next steps within a unit – this is really big task as some units may have 32 children in during a session.

Our starting point for this will be that all children’s next steps in learning will be displayed on the rooms planning board, so that all staff can access this information very quickly for all the children. We will review this system in our team and senior meetings to assess how effect it is.

Focus more closely on helping children to learn and celebrate the differences between themselves and others.

This means that we need to make more opportunities for this type of learning, and must take appropriate steps to ensure we are meeting the needs of all children and provide children with the opportunity to learn from other cultures.

We aim to do this by looking at children in our setting who have English as an additional language, we will provide dual language books for children to share and provide opportunities for learning.

We will gain key words for children entering the setting (even where parents request that they want us to use English only) to develop partnership working and support learning at home and in the nursery. Staff will where possible support children by using some of these words, for example to say hello and goodbye in child’s home language.

The inspector did also share on the day what the key strengths for the setting were, these can be seen below:

  • Confident staff who are enthusiastic

  • Children show respect to each other

  • Children listen well and take turns

  • Adults follow children’s lead

  • Children and independent

  • Children are well prepared for change in routines, moving rooms and for school

  • Curious children

  • Children feel safe and secure

  • Free flow indoors and outdoors

  • Children are confident talkers

  • Safeguarding is effective

  • British values can be seen in children’s play and learning

  • Characteristics of effective learning can also be seen

  • Partnerships are supportive

  • Induction, monitoring and supervision of staff are good

If you have questions with regard to the inspection report please see Teznee or Becky.

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