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Parent Questionnaire Feedback - Alvaston

Thank you very much to all the parents that spent time completing the questionnaires and returning them back to us. The feedback that we get is very important to us as we are constantly seeking to maintain and improve the high standards of care we offer.

The general comments that we receive are very positive and it’s very nice to hear your views, opinions and ideas...

Nursery Meals

Parents are generally happy with the meals that are provided for their children, some parents have suggested that alternative foods need to be provided. We have recently had a meeting with nursery cooks from all of our settings to discuss actions in moving forward with our menus. We will keep you informed of what these changes are when our new menus are launched.

About the Nursery

Parents feel that nursery is well presented, well maintained and secure. They feel that staff are approachable and happy, and that nursery is well resourced. You love the fruit bowl that we provide and feel that our handover process is good.

However, we could ensure that the finger print system is always available - we do try our best with this system, so if you are having problems can you please let us know as they arise.

Some of you requested that you wanted more information about how we could support you with learning at home. If you require something specific please speak to a member of staff about your particular needs. Also, please see ‘actions for the future’ where we provide some exciting news that would help with this.

Actions For The Future

Some of you might be aware that we are moving to online learning journeys. With this you will be able to access all of your child’s learning information on your computer, iPad, tablet or smartphone phone. This will enable you to have a greater understanding of the learning your child is taking part in within nursery. This system would also ensure that you are completely aware of what activities are on offer for children, and provide you with more frequent and up to date information regarding nursery policies.

Having the online system would also enable us to move forward with regular home observations, as you would be able to send new information to us quickly and easily.


"Staff are always friendly and approachable"

"The classroom is a good size"

"Lots of outdoor provision"

"We have had some problems with incorrect billing and incorrect day of attendance. These have now been dealt with"

"All happy with the information received already"

"Really nice to come into nursery for the Mother’s Day event and see how my child plays. She was really proud to show me her nursery and friends"

"I like the feedback you get when collecting, and the friendly welcome. I love the vegetable plot, we have one at home and I think it’s a valuable learning tool."

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