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NDNA - School Readiness

Below are some useful resources from the NDNA. These Parent Guidance Factsheets outline some helpful tips and activity ideas for getting ready for school. Happy reading!...

Developing Mathematical Confidence at Home. As a parent you can make a huge difference to your child's maths confidence and ability, by supporting their understanding of these at home through everyday activities and experiences.

FACT266 Getting ready for school - Devel
Download • 1.10MB

Developing Literary Skills at Home. To develop a child's love of stories and reading you need to have fun together. There are a lot of lovely activities you can enjoy with your child.

FACT268 Getting ready for school - Devel
Download • 1.06MB

Building Confidence. This factsheet offers some ideas, tips and solutions to support you in building children's confidence and minimising some of the worries when your child starts school.

FACT269 Getting ready for school - Build
Download • 1.25MB


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