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Introducing Mac & Ozzy!

As you may have seen, we have some new recruits at the office! Although they aren't the most efficient workers and they always sleep on the job... they are by far the cutest of the White House team.

Mac and Ozzy are 11 week old cockapoos, brothers from the same litter. Cockapoos are hypo allergenic meaning they are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, and they also don't shed their fur. Once fully grown they should be about the same size as a Cocker Spaniel.

As 'the boys' are getting to grips with their basic training, they are based at the head office with us most of the time. As they get older, you may see Mac and Ozzy visiting nurseries with HQ staff from time to time.

Some of the children have already met the boys for the first time, and they were a big hit with both staff and children.

Stay tuned for more 'pupdates' on the life of Mac and Ozzy... our friendly office dogs!

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