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Let's Make Music!

Leading on from yesterday’s 'Lets Make Sounds' activity you could now introduce other objects to make music. 

Good objects for making music: pots, pans, wooden and metal spoons, Tupperware boxes and tubs, ice cream cartons and plastic bottles. The same objects can be used for any age group but how children use and adapt these resources will vary according to their skills and abilities. Older children will find and use their own objects and resources.

For Babies

Rather than focussing on making actual sounds at this point allow babies to explore and experiment with the objects. They will in time as they explore, hold, lift, shake, drop, bang together and ‘make music’

For Toddlers

Encourage children to create sounds and noises with the objects, make your own sounds and ask child to copy you. Children may begin to make up their own songs and rhymes.

For Preschoolers

Children may select their own resources from around the house in order to make music. Encourage children to develop sounds and add music to songs they know. They will naturally begin to make up their own songs and accompany with their music.

Remember - when children are engaged and having fun they are learning. 

However, you may need earmuffs for this activity as whilst it is fun it can get loud and noisy! 

Consider where and when you do this activity especially if someone else is working from home. Be mindful that some utensils will make louder sounds than others so choose them carefully.

If the noise level gets out of control, bring it back down by role modelling and leading the play and making it part of the game for example: 'listen how quietly I can make my sound; now see how quietly you can make a sound?’ ...‘gently, gently tap, tap, tap’ ...‘I’m going to play loud for the count of 1,2,3 and play quietly for a count of 1,2,3,4,5,’

As a family you could develop your musical talents throughout the week and plan a concert or performance for the weekend or hold your own isolation talent show.

Again, there are no hard and fast rules to this, enjoy and have fun!


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