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One for the weekend!

Try to make the weekend different to the week, even when isolating at home. Loosen up your routine and make Saturday and Sunday all about having FUN!

Decide together what you’re going to do over the weekend and ask you children what THEY want to do. It may be an ongoing theme throughout the day or a particular project they want to start. It might even be as simple as playing some music or watching a film together. Some other ideas might be:

🌟 Fancy dress day 🌟 Make up a family song 🌟 Create a dance routine 🌟 Build a shelter 🌟 Put on a play or show

You could even plan a special meal together like ‘decorate your own pizza’ or have a ‘carpet picnic' 🍕🍎🍞🍉🧀🥕


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