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Sensory Play

Sensory Play is any activity that stimulates at least one of your child's senses. This could be either hearing, sight, touch, smell or taste.

Sensory Play is important as it gives your child endless ways to develop and learn. It helps them to improve their gross and fine motor skills as they learn through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity using different senses.

Doing Sensory Play activities also comes hand in hand with the Curiosity Approach.

This is when you are putting your child at the centre of their own development and education, enabling them to learn, grow and question their surroundings. They start to develop an imagination and sense of creativity that gives them the basic tools they need to grow successfully. By using all of their senses, they explore something unfamiliar until it is no longer unfamiliar.

The benefits of Sensory Play:

- It helps to build a positive nerve connection in the brain.

- It supports language development.

- It encourages a creative imagination and good problem solving skills.

Sensory Play activities at The White House Nursery:

- Scented play doh using different natural fragrances such as lavender and lemon

- Sensory walk - using a plastic tray and have your child bare foot walking on different kinds of textures such as bark, sponges, bubble wrap and paint.

- Food tasting - our children have the opportunity to taste different foods and flavours, particularly during celebrations such as Chinese new year


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