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Important Information - Child Car Seat Laws

Make sure you're clear on the new booster seat laws due to come into force December 2016.

>The use of backless booster seats for older children will be limited due to strict new rules.

>Current law states that children must be car seated until they reach 12 years old, or they are 135cm tall.

>Currently, children weighing 15kg are allowed to travel in backless booster seats - however this is set to be revised this year ahead of the new law change.

>New ruling will state that only children taller than 125cm, weighing more than 22kg will be approved to use a backless booster seat.

>The reason for the law change is due to the child not being held as securely as they should be, and the seatbelt not being guided across the child effectively.

>However, the main concern is that a booster seat offers little or no protection for a child if their vehicle is involved in a side impact incident.

>These regulations will apply to new products as of December 2016 which will state "Not approved for use with children under 125cm and 22kg."

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For more information on child car seat laws you can visit the link below.

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