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Photography Workshop

I have recently returned from a photography and photo editing workshop, run by commercial photographer Howard Pratt. From his office located within Matlock Mills, I spent the day learning from his many years of experience in landscape and commercial photography.

The day that I attended, there was just me booked onto the workshop. This meant that I could really get the most out of the session, learning about the different ways we can use photography around the nurseries in order to provide something different and exciting for our parents.

Using the historical mill landscape I was given the opportunity to take some test photographs, using various aperture and shutter speed settings in order to create a desired effect. I also learned more about how to use software such as Photoshop and particularly Light Room to get the most from our photos when it comes to editing.

Having attended this workshop, it has given me some thought about the way we use photography around the nurseries, and the kind of impact we would like our work to have on parents and the rest of our audience. I am looking forward to furthering my skills following this workshop and I am keen to use what I have learned and experiment with new techniques and styles of photography.

Thank you to Howard Pratt for sharing his knowledge and for all of his advice. If you are interested in attending a Photography based workshop I would recommend this one. You can visit Howard's business website here for more information.

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