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A Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Are you fed up with Christmas films and staying at home? Why not go on a Christmas scavenger hunt around your local area or even somewhere new. Its super simple, on your doorstep and it's FREE! Some things you could look out for on your walk are:





Bus stop

Post box


A friend

A neighbour

Christmas tree


Santa Clause

Christmas lights





Getting out in the fresh air is beneficial to babies, especially if you have spent a lot of time indoors with central heating on over the holidays. Wrapping up cosy and getting outdoors is a perfect activity for you and your little ones. There will lots of opportunities for visual stimulation for your babies from the Christmas lights and decorations on display in your neighbourhood.


You can simplify the Christmas scavenger hunt with toddlers and perhaps just concentrate on finding a couple of things. Or you could just chat along while you're walking, this could be anything not just Christmas themed. You could write a list or get your children to draw pictures of what they need to find. You could also take photos on your walk and talk about what you saw when you get back home.


Before heading out on your walk you could talk to your child about what you might see on your walk. Get your child to make a list of the things and they can be ticked off as you find them and count how many there are. Once home over a warming hot chocolate or milk you could count up how many of each thing you found, and also things you found which may not be on your list. You could also take photos of the things you saw and make a memory game out of them!

So wrap up warm and enjoy a lovely walk this Christmas!


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