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Taking Care of Our Mental Health

We are now a year into the coronavirus pandemic and are currently experiencing our third national lockdown in England. Since March last year we have all come such a long way, overcoming some huge challenges and changing the way we do things in order to protect the ones we love. But are we remembering to take care of ourselves too? And in particular our mental health and wellbeing.

Our mental health is something that's often overlooked, and it can sometimes deteriorate without us even realising. At The White House Nursery we have not only a duty of care but also a genuine interest in the health and wellness of the children in our care and their families. So it's important to us that you reach out if you're struggling or feeling overwhelmed, and we will be here to lend an ear and point you towards useful resources which will help support and guide you.

Throughout this article you will find out ways to identify your emotions and how to manage them, help understanding why you might be feeling a certain way and also ways to support your little ones, as they experience stress and anxiety just as us adults do. Some tips for parents could be adapted to work for children too!

Top Tips for Parents:

Eat a regular, balanced diet

Getting adequate sleep

Exercise - just going for a walk is a great way to clear your head!

'Belly Breathing' exercises

Talking to a friend, partner or family member

Changing how you perceive or view stress

Seeking help from mental health workers

Practicing self care and taking time to do things you enjoy

Top Tips for Children:

Sharing your own feelings with children to encourage self awareness

Set aside time for low stress or solo activities

Find social groups that help them feel like they belong

Encourage your child to 'focus on the moment'

Focus on articulating feelings - "I am angry"... "I am sad"

Below you will find a COVID-19 Resource pack for parents which includes information on:

How to talk to your children about COVID-19

Tips for managing anxiety

How to create a consistent routine

The five steps of emotion coaching

Relaxed breathing and muscle relaxation for children

Muting unhelpful words on social media

Simple and engaging activities to try at home

Click below to download your free guide...

COVID-19 Resource Pack
Download PDF • 1.74MB

We have also included some online resources below that are helpful for managing your mental health...

We hope that our children, parents and carers are keeping safe and looking out for one another during lockdown and things won't be like this for much longer. But in the meantime we want our families to know that if they need some support that we are always here to help.


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