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Why not try an 'unplugged day' this Christmas?

Have you been overloaded with TV programmes, films, music, computer games, mobile phones, tablets, sound and noise?

Why not have a tech free day over the Christmas break? Turn off your phones, TV, tablets and other 'techy' devices and have an unplugged day!

We often try and provide exciting and new adventures all the time with our children, however after all the fun and excitement of Christmas Day it could be time to enjoy the day with no disruptions - simply relax and chill out with your children and see where the day takes you! You could try:

Making a den

Having a carpet picnic

Make up a song

Act out a favourite story

Play hide and seek

Make a pizza - try out some recipes by clicking here!

Make play dough - try out this recipe here!

Bake something - check out some super easy recipes here!

Read stories or make up your own

Draw pictures

Create Christmas collages

Do you have any left over Christmas wrapping, ribbons or tags?... They are great for reusing and making into a collage! Don't worry if you don't have any tape or glue, children can can create their masterpiece on the floor, on the table, on a tray or pice of paper - it doesn't even have to be stuck down!

You could take a photo of their finished creation and use the bits and pieces again another time. No glue, no mess and no hassle!

Collaging can be a great sensory experience for younger children as they feel the different textures, listening to the sounds as they scrunch up the paper & tissue. Older children might want to plan their design before completing it.

Be sure to supervise your children while doing these activities and only provide them with resources that are age and stage appropriate.


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