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Friday Fun Day!

Its Friday! Or as we have now renamed it FUNDAY!

It’s Easter bank holiday weekend and the weather forecast looks good! (Yaaay!) So lets make the most of it and utilise any outdoor space you have at home.

Why not plan an Easter treasure hunt around the house and garden? Write out some tasks on card or post its and hide around the home and garden. Family members can go on the hunt for them and as they find them, they can pop in a basket or container for you to go through and take it in turns to complete your tasks. Older children will have great fun in making up the tasks with you and hiding them for other family members. Tasks could be things like...

  • Do 3-star jumps

  • Sing your favourite song

  • Pretend to be a cat

  • Give someone a hug

  • Run around the garden as fast as you can 

  • Balance on one leg for as long as you can

  • Stand as still as you can for as long as you can

We hope you have had fun with this week’s activities: Water Play, Rhyme Time, Painting and Story Time and remember you can try out a combination of any of the activities we've been doing throughout our isolation weeks so far. Why not make up a rhyme about playing in the water or a story about what you have done this week. You could set up a cosy area or den where you can share stories or rhymes.

As always, we would love to see what you have been up to so keep sending us your photos and video clips via Facebook Messenger. Head over to our Facebook page for our Isolation Week 2 - #NurseryAtHome video!

Moving forward as of next week we are going to be updating our activity ideas a couple of times a week, so keep an eye out for these also!

** On Tuesday we are going to share a play dough making activity for our toddlers and pre-schoolers. So have a look through your cupboards, or pop these on your shopping list if you are due to go shopping, as you will need plain flour and salt for this activity**

Have a great weekend, and we'll see you next week!


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