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Hide and Seek!

Hide and seek is a a fantastic game to play, as it can be adapted for every age and can include the whole family! You could play around your house or in the garden and it requires absolutely no planning or preparation...

For Babies

Play 'peek a boo' with your baby, it will keep them engaged and occupied for ages as you laugh, giggle and have great fun together. You can adapt and extend this game by introducing an object such as a teddy bear. Hide it behind your back or cover with a towel and then reveal using exaggerated facial expressions.

For Toddlers

Play 'hide and seek' with a toy so your child develops an understanding of hiding something and searching for it. Hide the toy and go on a hide and seek hunt with your child. Looking inside, under, behind objects. Don’t make it too difficult to find… you can keep repeating this and finding new places to hide the object or using different objects to hide. You can adapt this by playing hide and seek with you children. Some children may want to hide themselves or you could hide for your child to find you. Remember at this age your child’s idea of ‘hiding’ may be very different to yours. A general rule for them is if they cannot see you they think you cannot see them!

For Preschoolers

Encourage your children to hide the bear (or object) for you to search for and find. You can then take it in turns for you and your child to hide and find the object. It will enable your child to think, plan and come up with interesting places to hide it however, do ensure you talk about staying safe whilst playing this so no climbing up high or over reaching! You can take it in turns to hide different objects around the home or garden and this could lead onto playing hide and seek. Great for counting and spacial awareness. This can be played with just 2 of you, or all members of the family can participate. This can lead onto lots of discussions about who found the object the quickest or where the best hiding place was.

We hope you have fun hiding and seeking with your children!


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